“Right away, I have a story to tell, the other day I was miles away, when into a daydream I fell…”

Rico Sergeant was born in the hustle bustle of London England, in a nunnery within the sound of the Bow Bells. “the nuns told my mother that made me a true cockney, but I wouldn’t think of myself like that, I don’t like labels.” 

The first house that Rico grew up in had walls painted in psychedelic colours, and music would play till the early hours, sometimes it would be records playing, other times live musicians, this continued through most of Rico’s early childhood “they once met a Gipsy who told them that “your son needs lots of sleep”- well that was never going to happen, instead the music infused me.” many times you would find Rico trying to sleep under a table at a party or concert, “that was just how it was.”

Rico continued to grow up in London until suddenly at the age of eight his parents moved to a remote old converted water mill in the rural Devon countryside, “I remember arriving through a canopy of trees on the darkest night I had ever seen, climbing out the back of my father’s white MGB, The next morning there was no neighbours, no mains water, and no electricity, this was a big change. For a moment it was extreme silence, that didn’t last long, as people started turning up from London and the music played even louder.”

Rico would rarely make it to school, when he did, he would be dreamy and not able to focus on learning, “ the teachers didn’t understand, and some just didn’t care”. He found himself getting further and further behind, till in the end there was no way of catching up, “I started to rebel, I was very effective at it.”

Original Music From riosergeant.comFrom his earliest age people used to comment that Rico could get a tune out of anything, whether it be a keyboard, saxophone a flute or a stick on a gate. Spend a little time with Rico and it becomes very apparent that he’s listening intensely to every sound going on around him.

Rico’s music and voice can be like a gentle summers breeze on your cheek, it pulsates with energy, it can move you to dance, or relax you into a dream, it seems to have a rare ability to connect people back to their feelings.

Exposure, Rico’s debut acoustic album, is a deeply emotional journey of 17 songs that he has written and performed. The title Exposure expresses the honesty of the album, there is nowhere to hide, it’s open, and nothing is hidden, it’s beautiful and moving. Visit the Music Page for info on Exposure and all new material.

“If my music touches just one person in a positive way, then I’m happy, I won’t compromise my music, it has to be honest there has to be truth there. Sometimes it’s about the spirit within and behind the music that’s important to me more than the music itself”.

“And all that you think you know, it’s only a reflection”