Crystalline Ocean

Crystalline Ocean – A Poem By Rico Sergeant

It came on a spoon

Sitting on a table in the middle of the room

A spoonful that melted in the mouth

Smoother than butter

Innocent and unknowing


Sitting, feeling, breathing, screaming, stop.

The floor melts and I slide smoothly

Into a crystalline pool

My body become liquid

The pool becomes a vast ocean

And I am sucked down and down into its depths


My eyes fill with diamonds

And my mind explodes

My body shatters into a billion pieces

Who am I now


There are no words

No understanding

I cannot share

It is mine alone


Once the sun was so very bright

But then came the night

Darker than dark

Deeper than deep


I am beyond now

I am gone completely

I am torn apart

I never was


There is a boundary once stepped over

There is no return

There is a gate

I sat on that gate


An angel above me wept

And the tears poured over me

And the tears became a river

And I was carried away


Many things did I see

The one and the three

The seven and nine

Even the very fabric of time

Tho I couldn’t comprehend


I did return

But not from where I came

I could never get back there

It was gone forever


So I walked around

Broken for many years

My eyes tightly closed

For fear of what I might see


And slowly day by day

The pain went away

And the wounds

Healed over


And now that I am truly mended

And the pain has finally ended

I open my eyes

And I can see

And I am more than I once was